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A metaverse ecosystem for Black women in business.

Welcome to the land of plenty.

Onboarding one million Black women to the metaverse by 2030.

Zubachee leverages Web3 solutions to secure financial equity, opportunity, and capacity building for Black women.

While a dollar circulates within the Black community for a mere six hours today, the ecosystem that we are engineering will catalyze B2B trade among our valued members through the use of Zubachee tokens.

Pillar 1: Financial Impact

We are closing the funding gap for Black women business owners by providing an accessible marketplace of the tools and support they need.

Pillar 2: B2B Trade

We provide tokenized capital. Businesses circulate their capital among themselves with ease and speed.

Pillar 3: Edutainment

Capacity building should not feel bland. We ensure that important business knowledge is disseminated in terms that our community deeply resonates with.

Pillar 4: Gamification

Community members are instantaneously rewarded for their engagement in events, within the marketplace, with our partners, and one another. 

Our Story.

Lyndsae' Peele & Casey Ariel are ex-bankers who turned to entrepreneurship in October 2020, during the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic + elevated cries for social justice. 

While these visionaries were only a few hundred miles apart when they began forging new paths to edify the Black community, they wouldn't meet until an entire year later while Casey was living in Cape Town, South Africa! 

Like moths to a flame, the two innately knew their connection was destined to transcend the fireside chat discussion on building Black wealth that brought them together. Today, Zubachee is brilliantly led by Lyndsae' Peele as the Chief Executive Officer + Casey Ariel as the Chief Operating Officer. Join us on our path to onboarding one million Black women to the metaverse by 2030.

Public Appearances

20 OCTOBER 2022

Women in Technology DC

WIT.Connect - Into the Metaverse

19 OCTOBER 2022

Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association

Content Production & Streaming Power Hour: The Metaverse And The Future Of AV

15 JUNE 2022


Blaze Virtual Summit | Summer 2022 - Digital Black Wall Street (Live Podcast Recording by Zubachee Radio) 



Blaze Virtual Summit | Winter 2021 - Fireside Chat: Building Black Wealth 

271186415_10222719109831979_4868914943982125236_n (1)_edited.jpg

Zubachee Inspirational with 

CEO Lyndsae Peele

“Our goal is not to replace traditional financial institutions but rather to complement them,” Peele said. “We recognize the importance of banking partnerships, as they provide access to valuable information for our members. Collaborating with banking partners will allow us to educate entrepreneurs about Web3 and how the metaverse can support their businesses. We hope for it to be a symbiotic relationship where we can leverage their resources to empower and guide our members effectively.”

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